"Allegra isn't just a hard worker with an attention to detail, but she's also a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to teaming up with her again."

- Justin Kelly, Director, I Am Michael


"Allegra brings an energy and resourcefulness to the production that impacts many areas from brand integrations and sponsorships to locations.  Utilizing both her vast network of connections and her indomitable positivity, Allegra creates value that shows up on the screen.  She jumps in head first and works tirelessly to get the most she possibly can to the success of the production.  In short, she can work miracles."

- Brian DeCubellis,  Producer/Director, Manhattan Nocturne


Need a contact?  Call the master connector, Allegra Cohen.  She knows people in seemingly every industry and has a sixth sense about putting the right people together to make magic happen.

- Rachel Hanfling Producer, Executive Presentation & Media Trainer


“Working with Allegra on the movie Putzel was sheer joy.  She always went above and beyond and was one step ahead of everything and everyone.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  And on top of that, she’s a lot of fun to be around.”

- Susie Essman, Comedian, Actress


Allegra Cohen is a connecting and networking Ninja. There is no better way to describe her. We could not have made our film Putzel without her. She is a complete dynamo - tenacious, vibrant, and never takes no for an answer. She is a huge asset to any project and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.  Allegra is the shiznit!!!  

- Jason Chaet, Director, Putzel


Allegra brings warmth, charisma, heart and intelligence into everything she does. She has an amazing ability to create connections between people and businesses because she understands them and what they need so easily. She is also a natural at envisioning some of the most successful and interesting brand partnerships -- and she has an enormous network, which never hurts!

I am a fitness business owner who has benefitted enormously from her help. Allegra has worked with us to grow our clientele and has introduced us to entities and individuals who have brought us lasting benefits. She is such a likable person that people sign on to her vision immediately, which has opened doors for us that never would have opened otherwise. 

I cannot recommend Allegra enough - except when I worry selfishly that telling too many people about her will give her less time for us! You will be lucky if you have a chance to work with such a gem of a person.  

- Mahri Relin, Owner, Body Conceptions by Mahri Ltd


Allegra is a multi-faceted creative connector, aggregator and a uniquely insightful people person. She’s always a joy to be around, and even in the most high stress situations she somehow manages to be a positive force in the storm, and always gets the job done. Remarkable!

- Joel Beckerman, Founder, Lead Composer Man Made Music


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