About Allegra Cohen



The All In One Girl

Producer and Actress Allegra Cohen is maximizing her experience from both sides of the camera to create All In One, a visionary 21st century integrated lifestyle brand designed to build and sustain successful strategic partnerships and alliances in business and the arts.

With her extensive professional background in a wide variety of contemporary media--including film, television, theater and the internet--and a vibrant, outgoing personality and can-do entrepreneurial spirit, Allegra is uniquely suited to bridge the worlds of arts and entertainment and forge productive creative and business alliances across multiple platforms.


Allegra Cohen / All In One / Mission Statement

A self-described "brand curator," Allegra Cohen wants to serve as a conduit and catalyst for artists, products and businesses she believes in. She's a champion for people's dreams and highest ambitions and believes that "True beauty comes from within."

"No life or business function stands alone," says Allegra Cohen. "It is the synergy of what we do in our personal and professional lives that escalates integrated success."